Apply Web Services Security to EJB Applications

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At JavaOne 2007 earlier this year, Aravindan Ranganathan and Malla Simhachalam presented a hands-on lab titled Securing Identity Web Services. The lab showed how to provide different levels of stock quote service according to the identity of an end-user - authenticated users see real-time stock data while ‘guests’ see delayed quotes.

Since then, Malla, Mrudul Uchil and Marina Sum have written up the lab tutorial as a three-part series of articles showing how identity can be carried from an incoming web services request right through to an EJB. The sample application shows the request and response messages graphically, and provides links to the XML message data - a particularly nice feature that shows exactly what is going on.

Highly recommended for anyone putting together the pieces of web services, identity and EJB apps.


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