Announcing Open Federation

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Right from the very inception of OpenSSO, the most frequently asked question has been “When are you open sourcing the federation code?”. Well, today, the answer is… “Today!” Here is the text of the announcement:

The OpenSSO project is pleased to announce the availabilty of the Java source code for the identity federation and web services framework of the Sun Java System Access Manager and Sun Java System Federation Manager. The name of this effort is Open Federation.

Following is a list of links to help you get started:

The OpenSSO project and code will be updated constantly with bug fixes, new features, modules and accompanying documentation. Please check back often. In fact, OpenSSO is a growing community of developers, both inside of, and outside of, Sun. Be a part of OpenSSO and sign up at

Go grab it, play with it, and build cool stuff!




Will OpenFederation out of the box support OpenID? Is my perception correct in thinking that Sun supports open initiatives but may be hesitant to support OpenID in terms of actually implementing in its products?


Hi James. Yes, my expectation is that, at some point, Open Federation will indeed support OpenID. One of our committers is keen to do exactly that. It's lower on our priority list than, say, WS-Federation and SAML/XACML, but there's no real hesitation there. That's the beauty of open source, if someone somewhere wants to do it, then it will get done.

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