400 project members at OpenSSO!

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As a ‘Project Owner’ at OpenSSO, one of my more pleasurable duties is approving requests for project membership. Requests arrive daily; the ‘Observer’ role is granted without question - folks asking for ‘Developer’ roles are granted ‘Observer’ status pending their acceptance as contributors (there’s a little but of process). While the OpenSSO source code and binaries are freely available, OpenSSO Observers get to subscribe to the mailing lists, edit the wiki, report issues and more.

A little while ago I had to provide some project statistics for an analyst call, and realized that we were at around 380 members. Since then I’ve been watching the membership requests and waiting for the 400th member to arrive. Well - today’s the day - welcome, dmaio!

And, if you’re reading this and are not participating in OpenSSO yet, well, just click here to join.


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