OpenAM, the Book

OpenAMRegular readers will know that I moved on from my role as community lead for OpenSSO some time ago, first to Huawei, then, a few months ago, to, blogging mostly at the blog. In that time, Forgerock have adopted OpenSSO, rechristening it OpenAM, and my ex-colleague Indira Thangasamy, Senior Quality Engineering Manager for OpenSSO, has been hard at work on his book on OpenAM.

Packt Publishing were kind enough to send me a review copy of OpenAM, and a very professional job it is. While I’ve not had a chance to read it in detail, what I have read so far has been excellent – Indira writes clearly, covering every aspect of OpenAM, from the basics of single sign-on to advanced topics such as integrating OpenAM with Google Apps and (yay!) and interacting with OpenAM via its RESTful identity web service interface.

I’ll post a more thorough review once I’m done reading, suffice to say for now, if you’re working with or evaluating OpenSSO/OpenAM, this should definitely be on your bookshelf! Click here to go to Packt’s page for OpenAM.

The ForgeRock OpenSSO Roadshow comes to North America!

ForgeRockMy friends at ForgeRock are bringing their series of OpenSSO user group meetings to the USA and Canada in late March/early April 2010. If you’re interested in where they’re taking open source identity, you should definitely take this opportunity to participate in one of the meetings – choose from New York (3/29), Toronto (3/30), Chicago (3/31) or San Francisco (4/1). I’ll likely take the drive up 280 to the SF event on April 1st – see you there!

OpenSSO User Group Meetings in Northern Europe – Nov/Dec 2009

SupportRockAlthough I’m no longer as active in the OpenSSO community as I once was, some things still catch my eye – for example, news of a series of user group meetings across Northern Europe in late November and early December. OpenSSO experts Allan Foster, Jonathan Scudder, Steve Ferris and Victor Ake (not a blogger amongst them!?!?) will be presenting on OpenSSO-related topics ranging from monitoring to the Fedlet, via entitlements and OAuth, in Helsinki, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo, London and Brussels. Seems like SupportRock might be a name to watch in the world of OpenSSO…

OpenSSO Build 4.5

It’s been a while since Build 4 of OpenSSO, as we work towards an early access (EA) build of Sun Federated Access Manager 8.0, OpenSSO’s commercial ‘twin’. Our plan designates OpenSSO build 5 as the FAM 8.0 EA, but we still have some minor issues to iron out before we’re ready for EA, hence the release of OpenSSO 1.0 Build 4.5.

Here are some of the new features in Build 4.5, compared to Build 4:

  • The Fedlet – quick and easy Federation for SP’s, where you’d rather (slightly) modify your web app than deploy more infrastructure – much more on the Fedlet in the Sun blogosphere.
  • Federation Validator – test harness for checking single sign-on between a SAML 2.0 Identity Provider and Service Provider.
  • SiteMinder Integration – support for co-existence of OpenSSO and SiteMinder.

Many more enhancements are listed at the bottom of the Build 4.5 release notes. Watch the OpenSSO blogosphere for more details on these new features.

The more I work on OpenSSO, the more I realize the nuances of open source development. The fact that we released this ‘interim’ stable build between builds 4 and 5 is one example of this – the demand for build 4.5 has come from the OpenSSO community, which is now MUCH larger than the FAM team within Sun.