OpenSSO – Availability of Session Architecture Document and Project Sources

The second OpenSSO roadmap milestone has been reached on schedule.

Briefly, the architecture document and associated source code for the ‘Session’ module is now available at For more details, see the announcement.

Some ‘exclusive’ information:

  • The project sources contain about 565 source files out of which 550 are the core system and the rest are for demo purposes.
  • All this compiles in under a minute 🙂 and can be compiled on any platform.
  • The demo works on all platforms and does not require any ldap. It uses the flat file database and is fairly easy to get up and running quickly.

Congratulations to Arvind and the rest of the OpenSSO team!

OpenSSO Architecture and Use Case documents now online

The first documents have gone online at OpenSSO. Quoting from the announcement:

The high-level System Architecture and Use Cases documents for OpenSSO project are now available in the documents section of the project web site. These documents are placed under the folder /opensso/docs/system folder and can be accessed as follows:

  1. Go to the project home page at
  2. Click on the “Documents & files” link in the left navigation menu.
  3. Navigate to the folder /opensso/docs/system

Once there, you can access these documents by clicking on the file name links for architecture and usecases.

Great work Arvind, Dennis and co!

OpenSSO is here!

I’m sitting here in the Identity & Privacy track at the Burton Catalyst conference in San Diego. Johnny L just left the stage, having announced that Sun will be open sourcing web single sign-on as OpenSSO – part of Sun’s ongoing commitment to the Participation Age.
We will be releasing source code for authentication, single-domain single sign-on, web and J2EE agents (the core of Sun’s Access Manager product) under the CDDL license. You will be able to download, build, extend and use the software without charge.
Here is the roadmap from the opensso site:

Date Deliverable
August 2005 High level architecture document and use cases for Open Web SSO.
October 2005 Read-only buildable sources for Session Module, that will provide ability to implement basic Single Sign On solutions.
December 2005 Read-only buildable sources for Authentication Module, that will provide the ability to implement a full scale single sign on solution.
February 2006 Read-only buildable source code for Early Access that will include an implementation of Single Sign On Agents for one web and one application server.
April 2006 Complete Open Source availability for all sources.

You can read much more at the OpenSSO page and particularly the FAQ. Google News already has the press release and an article at
So, go sign up at – the forums are open for discussion and questions. Welcome to the Participation Age!