Thank You For The Music

I joined the developer evangelism team at Salesforce in October 2010, nearly five and a half years ago. It’s been a fantastic run, but it’s time for me to move on, and today will be my last day with Salesforce.

Over the past few years I’ve worked with Apex, Visualforce, the APIs, Heroku, Salesforce Identity and, most recently, the Internet of Things, but, more than any of the technologies, it’s the people that have made Salesforce special for me. I’ve worked with the best developer marketing team in the industry, and the most awesome community of admins and developers.

So, what next? Starting on Monday I’ll be ‘Community Champion’ at StreamSets, a San Francisco-based startup focused on open source big data ingest. I’ll be blogging at their Continuous Ingest Blog, speaking at conferences (including GlueCon, coming up in May), tweeting, and learning all about this ‘big data’ thing I keep hearing about.

Thank you, Salesforce, for my #dreamjob, and all the fun times over the years. It’s been a blast! – Two Weeks In

Behind the Cloud
I'm currently reading 'Behind the Cloud'

It’s the end of my second week at, and I seem to have hit the ground running… A day of orientation, a couple of days working through the and Chatter developer tutorials, then head down on a guide to Getting Started with the REST API, published alongside the REST API Developer Preview Webinar last Tuesday (the webinar replay is online now).

The getting started guide featured a sample Java web app that acted as an OAuth 2.0 client, redirecting the user to login at and obtaining an access token with which to interact with the REST API. Cool stuff, but there were a couple of questions on the webinar asking how to do the same thing from other languages. It took just a few hours to rework the sample web app, first in Ruby, then in PHP. I’ve also noticed a .NET implementation, by Dan Boris – cool stuff!

I’m commuting up the peninsula about three days a week on Caltrain, which is working out pretty well – there’s a station less than three miles from my house, and I can change to the Baby Bullet in San Jose, with the ride to San Francisco taking about an hour. I actually enjoy the time on the train – I just get my laptop and 3G card out and tap away – in fact, I’m on the train right now, somewhere near Palo Alto. 🙂

So – two weeks in, I’ve published three pieces on *, seen some very cool ISV demos at the second AppQuest judging round, and I’m off to Internet Identity Workshop XI tomorrow. If this sounds like your idea of fun, take a look at the careers page. Lots of opportunities there, and, if you see something you like, don’t forget to tell them that sent you!

Moving On From Huawei

After just over a year at Huawei, it’s time to move on… Later today I’ll be handing back my Huawei laptop and badge; on Monday I’ll be attending orientation at, where I’ll be joining the developer evangelism team.

It’s been an interesting and productive year at Huawei – if you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know that I’ve been doing some pretty low level stuff – Linux kernel drivers and server daemons, and I’ve learned lots about zero-copy technology and semaphores. All fascinating stuff, working with great people and visiting some cool places, but, still, I missed the interaction with a developer community that I enjoyed as Sun’s ‘OpenSSO Community Guy’.

As is traditional, I’ve trawled YouTube for an appropriate song to mark the occasion. I almost settled for Led Zep’s Babe I’m Gonna Leave You, but stumbled across the Quivver remix of the same song – a very different take on the classic, and well worth a listen. If you like what you hear, you can pick it up on Perfecto Presents Another World.

Huawei – Two Weeks In

Programming Amazon Web Services
I'm currently reading 'Programming Amazon Web Services'

It’s the end of my second week at Huawei, and things are looking good. I’ve done a LOT of reading, getting up to speed on the non-identity parts of cloud computing, and we’ve spent some quality time around the whiteboard. I’ve also booked my first trip to Huawei’s headquarters in Shenzhen, which will be my first visit to mainland China (I went to a Liberty Alliance plenary meeting in Hong Kong a few years back).

One news item that caught my eye – Matt Bross (formerly BT’s CTO) has joined Huawei. BT has some very smart people, and it looks like Matt is no exception – I’m looking forward to meeting him when he visits the Huawei site in Santa Clara!

Talking of hiring, we’re still recruiting for the ‘virtual data center’ team – see Geoff’s blog entry – so, if you’re into large scale identity/security, storage, or systems and network management, drop me an email at  with your resume, the sooner the better!

Leaving Here

They say that all good things come to an end; today, that’s true for both Superpatterns at and my nearly ten year tenure at Sun. It’s certainly been a wild ride, and I’ve enjoyed (amost!) every minute of it! My blog will move to (If you’ve been using the FeedBurner feed, there’s no need to make any changes) at some point in the next day or so, and I’ll be starting a new job on Monday.

I’m setting up the new blog right now (thanks to Arun Gupta for his suggestion of WordPress hosting at GoDaddy), and I’ll be blogging on my new gig next week. In the meantime, here’s ‘Leaving Here’ from the mighty Motörhead:

By the way, fellow pedants, it’s ‘Leaving Here’ (with a ‘g’) – the YouTube caption is wrong. Evidence.

Five Short Things About Pat

OK, Eve, you got me. Here are my five.

  1. I’m not really Pat. My legal name is Andrew Patterson. There were four Andrews in my class at school, so we all got nicknames. Mine was Pat, short for Patterson. The others were Fingers, Rico and Chads.
  2. My original university application (UCCA, for those of you who were in the UK education system at the time) was for medicine. That didn’t work out – medicine’s gain was computing’s loss. Or something.
  3. I have Scottish ancestry (from my parents on back) – I got married in a kilt and occasionally wear it for special occasions.
  4. I just got selected for Sun’s SEED mentoring program. I struck the jackpot in that my mentor is a (very well known) Sun Fellow, but I can’t go into any more detail there right now. With my mentor’s permission, I’ll blog about this as it goes along.
  5. My guilty pleasure is Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Chocolate. My mother-in-law brings kilograms of CDM when she visits from the UK and it has a special drawer in our fridge. There’s nothing like a couple of squares straight from the fridge with a nice cup of tea 🙂

I’ll pass the baton on to Dennis, Takashi, Gerry, Pamela and Chuck. You guys are it!

About Me – Pat Patterson

I realized that the About page here is broken (probably in some upgrade of Roller), so here is some current information about me, your humble author. I’ve written it as an entry in the ‘About Me’ category so I can post updates, you can comment, whatever.

I’m Pat Patterson, a federation architect working on Sun’s OpenSSO, Sun Java System Access Manager and Sun Java System Federation Manager. I’m British – born in England of Scottish parents and grew up in the fair concrete city of Coventry. I’ve been working on internet security with Java since 1997, when I wrote my first ever piece of commercial Java code – an ASN.1 library for decoding X.509 certificates.

So, what do I actually do?

There is more information about me on my LinkedIn profile.