Planet Identity Up and Running Again

A couple of folks (Hi Eve, Ash!) pinged me over the past couple of days to report problems with Planet Identity – specifically, the site was up, but hadn’t aggregated any new posts since January 9th. It looks like the machine that hosts it (courtesy of Stephen Lau – my continued thanks for his generosity!) got an OS upgrade that weekend, and my cron job was dropped in the transition. A quick kick, and all is running fine now. Thanks, Eve and Ash for the heads up, and all the best at Forrester, Eve!

2 Replies to “Planet Identity Up and Running Again”

  1. More than an OS upgrade – we replaced the box with a new one. And yes, we took the opportunity to move up to Solaris 11:

    $uname -a
    SunOS grommit 5.11 snv_151a i86pc i386 i86pc

  2. Geoff – that makes sense. I figured it was a pretty major brain transplant when I saw the host SSH key had changed…

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