links for 2008-10-17

OpenSSO Quality Assurance

The other day, I blogged about Openings in the OpenSSO QA Team, under Indira Thangasamy. Well, this week it’s Indira’s turn in the spotlight over at the Sun Developer Network Identity pages – talking with Marina Sum about Quality Assurance on OpenSSO. Indira talks about how we are automating QA on OpenSSO and building quality into the software right through the development process. It’s a fascinating look at an oft-neglected area of software development, so make yourself a cup of tea, settle down to read it then apply for one of the openings on Indira’s team.

Susan McLucas – Tech Writer Looking for Work

Since I encouraged Susan to create a blog, and she actually went ahead and did it, I’m happy to be able to link to her… Susan McLucas is a tech writer looking for work. She has worked for companies ranging from startups to giants like Intel and Cisco – in fact, Cisco acquired the last startup she worked for, so she has experience of the acquisition process too.

As I mentioned in my recommendation on her LinkedIn profile:

I know Susan socially, rather than through her work, but I can attest that she is articulate and professional with a keen eye for detail. If we had any openings in my group here at Sun, I’d definitely hire her.

So, there you go, if you’re looking for a tech writer, contact Susan through her LinkedIn profile or leave a comment on her blog. And tell her I sent you

Final Solutions – Naatak

The play ‘Final Solutions‘ (trailer, pictures, more pictures), centers on Hindu-Muslim conflict in India, from partition to the current day. The play is presented by Naatak, a group of Indian theater enthusiasts here in the San Francisco Bay Area. The curtain raiser article in Indian Express gives much more background.

“OK – that’s very interesting, Pat, but what has it got to do with OpenSSO, identity, or anything I come here to read?” Well, OpenSSO development manager Ajay Sondhi appears in the play – in fact, you can just catch a glimpse of him at 0:29 in the trailer; Ajay is on the far left, with the yellow mask. If Ajay is involved, it’s clearly going to be good, so hop along to the Cubberley Theatre in Palo Alto – the last performance is this Friday, October 17th. Oh yeah, Ajay’s daughter, Kriti, has a lead role, but I don’t think she’s even filed a bug on OpenSSO, let alone committed code, so we’re wandering a little too far off topic with that information

links for 2008-10-14

Openings in the OpenSSO QA Team

From Indira, news of three openings in the OpenSSO QA team:

Don’t imagine that ‘QA’ here means ‘click around the UI and see if the system responds according to spec, or at least, doesn’t surprise you too much’… Take a look at the job specs behind those links. You’ll actually be developing the test system for OpenSSO – working with technologies from Python/Jython to LDAP to Java EE, across seven operating systems and server products from at least as many vendors. Not only that, this is an open source project, so part of your work will be to hang out on the OpenSSO mailing lists and IRC channel, and even blog about it all. Yep – get paid for IRC and blogging.

So – if you are smart and gets things done, click on those links, and if you like what you see, apply, and tell them I sent you (we have a referral program)

!!!STOP PRESS!!! More OpenSSO openings:

Plenty of positions there if you’d rather be the one being tortured (product engineering) than the torturer (QA)

OpenSSO Tab Sweep

By now, you’re probably familiar with the term ‘tab sweep’, particularly if you’ve read either of Tim or Rich‘s blogs. You end the week with a bunch of tabs open in your browser that you need to blog about, so you do. Here’s my first…

There – I feel lighter now I got all that off my chest. Have a good weekend, everyone!