OpenSSO in Second Life

I went to the launch of OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 (press release) this morning in Second Life, hosted by none other than the IdentiCatDaniel Raskin, and my boss, director of engineering for OpenSSO – Jamie Nelson. It was definitely a different experience from a traditional webinar – there was audio and slides, but somehow it was more immersive, sitting in the hall with the other attendees. Some technical glitches, but, all in all, a great event.

(Confession – the image (click on it for a larger version) is a composite – when that slide was up, Daniel was off flying somewhere, and when he was sitting down, I just had a gray screen where the slide should have been).

UPDATE – if you missed the Second Life event, you can catch the replay!

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  1. Hi Rob, yes, there were some distractions, but all in all, I think there is great potential here. We’re very much in the early days of using immersive environments as business and teaching tools.

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