OpenSSO nominated for SOA World 2008 Readers’ Choice Award

As Arun just blogged, SOA World magazine has just announced the finalists for its 2008 Readers’ Choice Awards. Sun Access Manager/OpenSSO is nominated for the ‘Best Security Solution‘ category. In fact, a whole bunch of Sun products and projects were nominated across several categories – Arun has a list.

As Arun also mentions, it seems like SOA World haven’t sorted out the voting process yet – the site still invites you to nominate products, even though nominations closed June 22, so you can’t go vote for OpenSSO just yet. Watch this space for an update when voting starts.

SAML and Windows Login

Interesting post from James on the possibilities of Windows desktop systems being SAML identity providers (IdPs). Currently, a similar mechanism exists for desktop single sign-on from Windows (via SPNEGO, using Kerberos tokens, which, by the way, OpenSSO and Access Manager support directly, no IIS ‘bounce’ required), but this is limited to a single enterprise’s AD infrastructure and can be pretty tricky to deploy. It’s easy to imagine IE submitting SAML assertions to service providers at Internet scale in the way James describes. Microsoft seem to be reconsidering the case for supporting SAML 2.0, so they may even be receptive to something like this.

Where James does get things twisted (to use one of his favorite expressions 🙂 ) is in imagining that Sun and Oracle have much influence on our friends in Redmond. Microsoft’s paying customers have MUCH more clout than their competitors/partners. I’d suggest, James, that you band together with your peers at enterprises such as GM and Boeing, who I know, from their participation in Concordia, have very similar desires. Heck, you could even roll up your sleeves and dive right in to Concordia – it’s free, very enterprisey and Microsoft participate with open ears…

Gartner: Sun IAM & Open Source – STRONG POSITIVE

Via Tatsuo KudoGartner recently published their latest vendor rating for Sun. The overall picture is, well, sunny, if you’ll pardon the pun, but I’m particularly pleased with their ratings in the areas of Identity and Access Management and Open Source – ‘Strong Positive’* for both, which means that OpenSSO and OpenDS must be doubly blessed 🙂

* Strong Positive: Is viewed as a provider of strategic products, services or solutions:

  • Customers: Continue with planned investments.
  • Potential customers: Consider this vendor a strong choice for strategic investments.

OpenSSO Build 4.5

It’s been a while since Build 4 of OpenSSO, as we work towards an early access (EA) build of Sun Federated Access Manager 8.0, OpenSSO’s commercial ‘twin’. Our plan designates OpenSSO build 5 as the FAM 8.0 EA, but we still have some minor issues to iron out before we’re ready for EA, hence the release of OpenSSO 1.0 Build 4.5.

Here are some of the new features in Build 4.5, compared to Build 4:

  • The Fedlet – quick and easy Federation for SP’s, where you’d rather (slightly) modify your web app than deploy more infrastructure – much more on the Fedlet in the Sun blogosphere.
  • Federation Validator – test harness for checking single sign-on between a SAML 2.0 Identity Provider and Service Provider.
  • SiteMinder Integration – support for co-existence of OpenSSO and SiteMinder.

Many more enhancements are listed at the bottom of the Build 4.5 release notes. Watch the OpenSSO blogosphere for more details on these new features.

The more I work on OpenSSO, the more I realize the nuances of open source development. The fact that we released this ‘interim’ stable build between builds 4 and 5 is one example of this – the demand for build 4.5 has come from the OpenSSO community, which is now MUCH larger than the FAM team within Sun.