CommunityOne OpenSSO Session – Monday May 5, 4pm, E135

I mentioned our upcoming CommunityOne session back when I posted my Spring/Summer schedule; now I have a time and place, since the CommunityOne schedule was just published. We’ll be presenting “OpenSSO Workshop: Creating Federated Relationships with Software as a Service, Social Networking, and Web 2.0 Applicationson Monday May 5 at 4pm in Hall E 135.

By the way, CommunityOne is free of charge to attend, though you do need to register. See you there!

Fetching User Attributes With Identity Services

As I just blogged over at The Aquarium, Aravindan, Lakshman and Marina just published part 3 of their series on the new identity services functionality available now in OpenSSO and coming soon in Sun Federated Access Manager 8.0: Securing Applications With Identity Services, Part 3: User Attributes.

User attributes are key for delivering personalized services, and are often the main reason for authenticating the user in the first place. Go read the article – whether you’re a RESTafarian or on the SOAPy side – you can quickly and easily put OpenSSO’s identity services to work.

Living with Sun Open-Source – OpenSSO

This will only be useful if you know MUCH more Japanese than I do, but here’s Yasushi Iwakata introducing OpenSSO at a Java Hot-Topic Seminar in Tokyo, as blogged by Takayuki Okazaki:

You’ll be able to download the slides soon – I’ll update this entry with the link.

As he mentions in the video, Iwakata-san has also been working on an OpenSSO Extension for Hitachi Finger Vein Authentication. You can find the code in the OpenSSO CVS at opensso/extensions/authnhfvb, or browse it online. I’ll write more about this extension when I get back home from Brazil.