FAMTalk 02: Federation

I just uploaded the second FAMTalk podcast – this time, I have the host’s seat, presenting ‘Federation’, with a particular focus on SAML 2.0. You can download a PDF plus MP3 or AAC files from FAMTalk.org, or simply subscribe to FAMTalk via iTunes or RSS.

We had some frustrating technical problems recording this episode – the Sony USB headset (UAB-260) I was using developed an annoying crackle about halfway through the program. Unplugging, replugging, rebooting – nothing made it work for more than a few minutes at a time. After wrestling with it for an hour, we decided to just record the outro segment together and I ordered a Griffin iMic to replace the Sony USB Audio box (the headset itself seemed ok) to fill in the gap on my own.

The funny thing was, I got a bit of a cold between the first recording and the second, so the transitions between the different segments are quite obvious – you can hear me get sick and recover, all within an hour

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  1. Great podcast even with the audio difficulties you mention in your blog. I am eating up these podcasts like candy so keep them coming!

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