Introducing FAMTalk

As Terry Sigle blogs today, FAMTalk (feed) went live this week. FAMTalk is a monthly podcast focusing on federation and access management (the FAM of the title) and their implementation in Sun Java System Federated Access Manager (the forthcoming next version of Access Manager) and OpenSSO. Your regular hosts will be Tim Campbell (Sun Partner Enablement), Steven Jarosz (Sun Americas Software SE – Federal), Terry (Sun Americas Software SE – Telco) and me (OpenSSO ‘community guy’).

In episodes 1a and 1b (we split the original 1hr 40mins or so in two), Tim presents Access Manager 101. You can download a PDF plus MP3 or AAC files from, or simply subscribe to FAMTalk via iTunes or RSS. Apparently the AAC files include the slides, which should play in sync with the audio on many iPods. I need to go check it out on my iPhone and see how it looks…

FAM 8.0 Puts the ‘Full’ in ‘Full-Matrix SAML 2.0 Interoperability Testing’

As you might have just read, Liberty Alliance recently completed its first ‘full matrix’ SAML 2.0 interoperability test. Not only was Sun amongst the successful participants with its upcoming Federated Access Manager 8.0 product, we were the only participant to successfully test every conformance mode. Daniel, of course, beat me to the punch on this one, though I like to think my entry is laid out a little more neatly

I’ll also take this opportunity to point out that, although Federated Access Manager 8.0 is scheduled for release next year, you can get the code and binaries right now via the OpenSSO project – in fact, we just released ‘build 2‘ of OpenSSO v1, which includes the tested code.

Housekeeping Planet Identity

It’s time to do a little housekeeping over at Planet Identity. First, the easy stuff… The feeds for Dmitry Shechtman (feed) and Trusted Network Technologies (feed) have been returning 404 since I-don’t-know-when, so I’ve deleted them from the subscription list. If you know the current whereabouts of Dmitry’s or TNT’s blogs, then please leave a comment, or email me (if you’re reading this in your RSS reader, then just click through to Planet Identity or Superpatterns – my email address is in the sidebar on both.)

Now, the hard stuff. Shelley Powers (feed) and Doc Searls (feed) both write entertaining, lucid, insightful prose, but most of it is not about identity. I’ve resisted removing folks from the subscription list for some time, but I had some really good feedback at the recent IIW on the usefulness of Planet Identity and how it would benefit from more focus. So, if you want to carry on reading Shelley and Doc, do what I just did – subscribe to them directly – those feed URLs again – Shelley, Doc.

Much as I enjoy playing (more or less) benevolent dictator (mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!), Planet Identity is there for you, the readers. If you have an opinion, either way, on any of these changes, then please leave me a comment. If you’d rather express your opinion to me privately, then, again, my email address is on the sidebar at both Planet Identity and Superpatterns.

With that, I’ll bid you a good day and leave you to the ever-widening river of news…

OpenSSO Build 2 Hits The Street!

OpenSSO v1 Build 2 hit the wire this morning (CET) – you can grab the binaries for OpenSSO itself and the new agents (see below) at the OpenSSO download page.

Here’s a full list of fixes in build 2, but the two highlights are:

  • Issue 1093: Server configuration is now consolidated into the directory-based configuration system and exposed via the admin console and CLI – previously, several configuration parameters were set in the file. now contains the minimum information required to start OpenSSO.
  • Issue 1099, issue 1103: configuration for Java EE and web agents respectively is also now consolidated into the central configuration system. Previously, all agent configuration was via a properties file on the local file system – now all configuration can be centrally stored and managed via the admin console.

So… go grab the new bits and work through Michael‘s quick install guide. Think of it as an early Christmas present