Roller Tip: #showNextPreviousControl()

I noticed that, although there is a set of links at the top of my blog page to navigate by pages of content (that thing that says “<< Prev | Main | Next >>“, or something similar), there isn’t one at the bottom. It seems logical that, when you get to the bottom of a page of content, you’d want to go to the next without scrolling all the way up to the top of the page.

There used to be a macro, #showNextPreviousLinks(), that did this, but it now outputs just

showNextPreviousLinks() is no longer needed as next/prev links are
built-into the  macro.

I guess #showWeblogEntries() is supposed to go in that double-space gap between ‘the’ and ‘macro’. BTW – thanks to the Roller team for doing this and not just silencing the macro – quality code!

A bit of googling searching using the Google search engine, tells me that there is a shiny new macro, called by #showWeblogEntries() that does exactly what I want – #showNextPreviousControl(). Slip it in after #showWeblogEntries() and there they are – navigation links at the bottom of the page. Cool!

Indira – a New Star OpenSSO Blogger

You might have read earlier posts where I mentioned Indira Thangasamy – one of our latest Access Manager/Federation Manager/OpenSSO bloggers. Well, Indira has been blogging up a storm of late, with this entry on getting OpenSSO working with OpenDS and, today, a comprehensive guide to getting the whole open source stack of OpenDS/GlassFish/OpenSSO working.

This is great stuff – Indira lays the steps out with clear screenshots illustrating the way. Fantastic work, Indira – you’re raising the bar for all of us!

57 Varieties of Identifier-based Authentication

Johannes posts about the ongoing work on exploring the synergies between SAML and OpenID in an entry titled Eve and Pat, SAML and OpenID. It’s worth reading to get an idea of just how things are coming together. One correction, though, Johannes – you give a table of identifier-based authentication flavours, but you left an important one out. Here is a fuller version:

Of course, the magic of Yadis makes this all very transparent to the user, but, I wonder, how do IdPs and SPs decide which flavour they prefer?