Sun Federation-Enables Lucent IMS

I don’t usually point to a press release, but today, I’m making an exception… This week at the CTIA Wireless show, Sun and Lucent showed SSO on a cellphone using SAML 2.0 to pass the subscriber’s identity and attributes between the wireless operator, a traffic info website and sports news. The sports site can then show you news on your favourite teams, since it knows who you are, but the traffic info site can go a little further, showing real-time traffic news according to your current location. All really cool stuff, using Federation Manager for the SAML 2.0 SSO, and the culmination of several months of collaboration between Lucent and Sun.

There is more technical meat behind this – I’m trying to gather some of it up right now so I can share it with you.

UPDATECoverage at eWeek

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