Sun Fire T2000 Free Trial

I guess a bunch of people have blogged about this – I’m piling on since I know a couple of friends who read this will be interested. Anyway – we’re running a free trial of the T2000 right now. Basically, you sign up online to try out a T2000 server, and, if you qualify, Sun pay the shipping (hopefully one way, since you’re like this baby so much you won’t want to part with it, but potentially two ways if you’re out of your mind ) and you get 60 days of Cool Thread fun.

Test-drive the New Sun Fire T2000 Server

So, snag a box, throw your worst multi-threaded torture test at it and see how it does. No charge. And, if you come up with a particularly neat app that really uses the T2000 to its utmost, you can win $50,000 in cash and a T2000 to keep.

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  1. Ours ships in 12 days (give or take). We are very excited about understanding how OpenLDAP runs on the box. SPARC and Solaris is one of our most popular platforms.
    [note the new blog. the old server died 🙁 ]

  2. How do we know if we’ve been selected, or specifically not selected? I signed up and haven’t heard anything… I’m curious to know if I should try again (the application I desire to test on this box has changed).

  3. Jeremiah … when did you apply for this? If recently expect to get an email in couple of days. We need to go through finance and export control (yes! they need to approve all orders). If you still do not get an email please ping me and I will get you the answer. Thanks for your patience.

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