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I just got back from a month of business and vacation travel (Singapore, Disneyland, Tokyo), so I have a backlog of blog entries fermenting away. Here’s the first…

I recently blogged on Sun Java System Identity Manager’s outstanding performance in InfoWorld’s Identity Challenge. We have now secured reprint rights for the portion of the article covering Identity Manager. Here are some choice quotes:

  • “… a level of reliability and maturity that’s rare for this segment”
  • “… it simply works. Implementation and pricing are definitely enterprise-oriented, and certainly this solution deserves a close look for large deployments.”

  • “… the whole migration process worked like a big wizard”

Read it, print it out, wallpaper your spare room with it :-)

Incidentally, there’s an interesting correction at the end of the article:

The Sun Java System Identity Manager 5.5 bundle includes Identity Manager, Access Manager, and Directory Server Enterprise Edition. Including software, support, and maintenance, it costs $50 per employee per year, or $135,000 per year for our 2,700-user test scenario. The text has been corrected.

Shame they don’t seem to have updated the scores – it looks like Identity Manager would tie with or beat Novell with the corrected scoring…

UPDATED 11/17/2005: Revised PDF from InfoWorld has correct pricing. Score for value still doesn’t reflect correct price, though.

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