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Finally I have time to post some links to blogs and news feeds which I have recently discovered…

  • Chuck Mortimore. What can I say? Super-deployment engineer on Access Manager (then called Identity Server) when I moved onto the product – a sad loss to Sun when he moved to Green Giant, or whatever they’re called .
  • Eric Norlin is VP of Strategic Marketing at Ping Identity. I got to meet Eric at Digital ID World last week – a nice guy and always a good read.
  • Jamie Lewis is the CEO and Research Chair of the Burton Group – network/identity industry analysts. When I first got into identity management proper, as product manager of Sun’s Meta-Directory, I spent the first two weeks on the job just reading Burton reports – a very efficient way to get up to speed.
  • Anyway – Lauren Wood’s day job is senior technical program manager in the CTO’s office, but she still finds time to help me out with web page layout for demos – most notably last week’s Sun/Microsoft web single sign-on demo.
  • Discovering Identity promises to be essential reading – Mark Dixon is a practice lead in Sun’s Identity Management sales practice.
  • tnt are Trusted Network Technology. It would be difficult to meet a nicer bunch of guys – hi Derek, Dave, Bob, Doug – and really cool technology to boot. They attach an identity token to packets at the IP level, then filter them throughout the network. A company to watch.
  • Good Morning Silicon Valley – my daily dose of tech news. Always entertaining.

7 Replies to “Blogroll update”

  1. Hi Pat,

    Yes, I’d agree that Chuck Mortimore was truly a big / humongous loss to <em>U Know Who</em>…. However he’s still in the same technology space. Green Giant, or Sun, Chuck‘s goona be around to make a significant contribution to the sector.. Soon.. <strong>I BET !!!

    And.. I have him on speed dial 😉 <em>Who knows when that speed dial number would come in handy; He’s helped me out on several past ocassions, I <strong>hope</strong> / bet he would continue doing so…</em>

    Rohan Pinto

    <strong>PS:</strong> <em>Am I ever gonna be in your blogroll list ??</em>

  2. Hi Rohan – adding you now. I’ve noticed your blog on my referers a few times, just never got a chance to go and read it properly – rectified that too!

    Also adding Paul Madsen – Liberty and NTT guy. Hi Paul!

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