Digital ID World this week

This is my schedule for Digital ID World this week:


1pm – ?pm

Bottoms Up Identity Meeting (Pacific A)


6pm – 9pm

Opening Reception (Sun Booth)


10am – 1:30pm

Booth Duty (Sun Booth)


1:30pm – ?pm

Wandering about, dipping in and out of sessions

Unfortunately, I have other commitments on Wednesday and Thursday (just too much going on right now!), so I can’t be up in SF those days.
So, come over the Sun booth and debate linguistic function, privacy and the Liberty Alliance Project, desktop single sign-on to federated partners, or just say “Hi!”.

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  1. Hey Jaime, DIDW was ok – unfortunately, I was only there Monday and Tuesday and I was on booth duty most of the time, but I did get to meet Kim Cameron, Eric Norlin, the Trusted Network Technology guys and a whole lot of other folks. I did get to the ‘identity gang‘ meeting on Monday (blogged by Marc Canter here – that was interesting – certainly something we’ll be keeping an eye on.

    The remainder of the week was devoted to rehearsals for the Sun/Microsoft event on Friday – which I’m just about to blog…

  2. Pat:

    I enjoyed hearing you on the Sun/Microsoft news conference yesterday. Its great to know that Identity Management is the pivotal issue in the Sun/Microsoft relationship.

    I also enjoyed finding your blog today. I’ve added you to my blogroll.



  3. Hi Mark – thanks. BTW – I just blogged yesterday’s Sun/MS event.
    I also found your blog earlier today – I need to do a ‘new blog roundup’ and post a whole load of links to my blogroll.
    I’ll be speaking at JavaOne in June about integrating identity between the Sun and Microsoft worlds – keep watching my blog for details.

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