Linksys WRT54GP2 VOIP/Wireless/Broadband Router

Following up to my recent post on Lingo VOIP, Tom’s Networking has an interesting review of the Linksys WRT54GP2 VOIP/wireless/broadband router. I’ve been a happy user of the WRT54G for a couple of years now, so this box looks very interesting – it can prioritize VOIP traffic over data traffic just like the standard Lingo adapter, solving my only issue with Lingo.
All I have to do now is persuade Lingo to support it.

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  1. You know you can load the Sveasoft firmware builds into the WRT54G and get all the
    QoS priority you want to configure? Just put whatever VoIP box Lingo likes downstream from the WRT54G, raise its priorty up, and Bob’s your uncle.

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