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Bookmarks for November 6th 2009

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  • Remus - Transparent High Availability for Xen - Remus provides transparent, comprehensive high availability to ordinary virtual machines running on the Xen virtual machine monitor. It does this by maintaining a completely up-to-date copy of a running VM on a backup server, which automatically activates if the primary server fails
  • OpenSSL is written by monkeys - Marco Peereboom's rant on OpenSSL. To be honest, looking at the examples of OpenSSL code, it's difficult to disagree - sorry, Ben!

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Huawei – Two Weeks In

Programming Amazon Web Services

I'm currently reading 'Programming Amazon Web Services'

It's the end of my second week at Huawei, and things are looking good. I've done a LOT of reading, getting up to speed on the non-identity parts of cloud computing, and we've spent some quality time around the whiteboard. I've also booked my first trip to Huawei's headquarters in Shenzhen, which will be my first visit to mainland China (I went to a Liberty Alliance plenary meeting in Hong Kong a few years back).

One news item that caught my eye - Matt Bross (formerly BT's CTO) has joined Huawei. BT has some very smart people, and it looks like Matt is no exception - I'm looking forward to meeting him when he visits the Huawei site in Santa Clara!

Talking of hiring, we're still recruiting for the 'virtual data center' team - see Geoff's blog entry - so, if you're into large scale identity/security, storage, or systems and network management, drop me an email at  with your resume, the sooner the better!

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Bookmarks for October 1st 2009

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Bookmarks for September 29th 2009

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Bookmarks for September 28th 2009

These are my links for September 28th 2009:

  • Amazon Web Services: Overview of Security Processes - This document is intended to answer questions such as “How does AWS help me ensure my data are secure?” Specifically, AWS physical and operational security processes are described for network and infrastructure under AWS’ management, as well as service-specific security implementations.
  • The Datacenter as a Computer: An Introduction to the Design of Warehouse-Scale Machines - Written by Luiz André Barroso and Urs Hölzle, a distinguished engineer and a vice president respectively at Google, this book describes the architecture of 'warehouse-scale computers', the main factors influencing their design, operation, and cost structure, and the characteristics of their software base.

I’m now at Huawei


I started work this morning at Huawei's Santa Clara office, specifically in the 'Virtual Data Center' team with Geoff Arnold. So far, the best description of what I'll be doing is in Geoff's blog entry - Building a Team.

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