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Slides and Blog Reaction from Tokyo Liberty Alliance Day 2008

Here are the slides [PDF] from my presentation at the Tokyo Liberty Alliance Day last month. The picture on the right is of the Microsoft speaker, Shigeya Tanabe, talking about Microsoft's recent commitment to SAML 2.0, which he illustrated by a screen cap from my blog entry on the subject.

There was some blog coverage too, (all in Japanese):

I'll be taking tomorrow off to extend the Thanksgiving break a little, so you'll probably not hear from me until next week. To all those in the USA - Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. I am here again…
    Nice slides, however, i see ‘SUN confidential:Internal Only’ in the footer? looks like you used a different version of the template:)

  2. Hi Peter – thanks for the catch. Confidentiality notice removed and new version uploaded 🙂

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