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OpenSSO in Second Life

I went to the launch of OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 (press release) this morning in Second Life, hosted by none other than the IdentiCat - Daniel Raskin, and my boss, director of engineering for OpenSSO - Jamie Nelson. It was definitely a different experience from a traditional webinar - there was audio and slides, but somehow it was more immersive, sitting in the hall with the other attendees. Some technical glitches, but, all in all, a great event.

(Confession - the image (click on it for a larger version) is a composite - when that slide was up, Daniel was off flying somewhere, and when he was sitting down, I just had a gray screen where the slide should have been).

UPDATE - if you missed the Second Life event, you can catch the replay!

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  1. Isn’t it very distracting from the purpose of the meeting?

  2. Hi Rob, yes, there were some distractions, but all in all, I think there is great potential here. We’re very much in the early days of using immersive environments as business and teaching tools.

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