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Blog Bling – Part 2 – Tag Cloud

Back in version 3.1, Apache Roller added support for tags. After Dave Levy blogged about tag clouds, I added one, based on his code:

#set($mytags = $model.weblog.getPopularTags(-1, 100))
#foreach ($tag in $mytags)
#if ($tag.count > 2)
<a class="tag s${tag.intensity}" href="$url.tag($"

The code is quite simple - we create a set of popular tags, and, for each tag, if there are more than two blog entries with that tag, we create a link. The link's class is s1, s2...s5 based on the number of entries with that tag ('tag intensity'). The classes control the font size of the link:

<style type="text/css">
.s1 {
.s2 {
.s3 {
.s4 {
.s5 {

That's all there is to it. I can link to all entries for a given tag - for example,; there are even RSS feeds per tag - You can also combine tags to get an intersection - I've completely moved from categories to tags now - "It just works".

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