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Sun Shines on Open ID

I just listened to my good friends Don Bowen and Eve Maler discussing Sun's OpenID deployment with Brandon Whichard- the latest in Sun's Identity Management Buzz podcast series.

Worth the listen - Eve goes into some detail on the lessons that Sun has already learnt from - and there are some insights into Eve, Don and Brandon's music buying habits. Show tunes, Don? Listen Now or Subscribe via iTunes.

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  1. hi there,

    it would be nice to have a downloadable .MP3 file.


  2. Hi Anjan – it’s there – the Listen Now link is to a downloadable MP3. Right click it and do ‘Save Link As’ for Firefox, or the equivalent for IE.

  3. Looks like is down? When it will be LIVE again ?

  4. Hi Nanda – there is a service ticket open. If you are a Sun employee, then drop me an email.

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