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New Iteration of the SAML 2.0 PHP SP

Many thanks to Andreas Åkre Solberg of the FEIDE project for this latest iteration of the SAML 2.0 PHP service provider (SP) OpenSSO Extension (you might remember it as 'Lightbulb'). I spent Thursday afternoon running through some tests with the PHP SP and OpenSSO as the identity provider - apart from one very minor bug (already fixed , it all works great!

Changes since the initial implementation:

  • Code restructured with SPIs for session handling and name mapping
  • Single logout listener
  • Support for transient identifiers
  • A new, simpler, sample
  • Documentation!
  • Several bugfixes

Grab the code via CVS from (it's in opensso/extensions/saml2php/). Instructions for getting the code via CVS.

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  1. SAML 2.0?what is it

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