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Development in the Open – OpenSSO WS-Federation SRS Posted

I just pulled the trigger on the first draft OpenSSO WS-Federation Software Requirements Specification (SRS) - see it on the mailing list here. This is the first requirements document to be completed under the new OpenSSO development process. I have to admit, it feels pretty strange having this out there in the open!

As I mention in the email, comments are welcome, so, please, sign up to the OpenSSO project and submit your feedback via the dev mailing list.

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  1. Hi Pat,
    I have some questions regarding OpenSSO.
    Can i keep apache in front of JBoss using mod_jk and
    use apache WEB agent (no j2ee agent) to intercept requests?
    What about SSL (termination?)
    Can you just tell how it can be done?
    I have installed web agent 2.2 (for apache 2.0.54)on windows 2003
    i dont know how to configure it for apache 2.0.59
    Is there any resource available?
    I’m stuck on this issues for past two weeks!

  2. hi Joe
    Can you post these questions to

  3. Thanks, Dennis! As Dennis says, the place to go for detailed help on issues like this is – the OpenSSO team are on on this mailing list and can help you out there.

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