Superpatterns Pat Patterson on the Cloud, Identity and Single Malt Scotch


I won’t be giving up my day job… move into either videography or singing. From the un-talent show at IIW 2006b:

Here's the video I shot for Conor showing miscellaneous IIWers singing 'Bohemian Identity'. Bruce Gowers it ain't.

And here are John Kemp and I butchering Led Zep's 'Whole Lotta Love'. No sound recording, as far as I know, thank goodness... Thanks to Eve for the photo - read her report on the evening here.

UPDATE 1 No idea what was happening here!

UPDATE 2 Video of 'Whole Lotta Love' - it's even worse than I feared...

UPDATE 3 Paul Madsen's view

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  1. I do have a video recording of most of your session with John as well (I didn’t get it started on time). Will post that as well if you like…

  2. Go ahead – I’m interested to hear just what we were inflicting on you all 🙂

  3. You have to check out Paul’s picture of the protocol in place during this performance.

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