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fish4 a reference?

Rohan pointed me to this story about UK site Fish4 having problems with their E6900. I guess we'll take that one on the chin (wonder what the first person plural of 'mea culpa' is?), but it set me wondering... If Fish4 are happy to point the finger when things go wrong, they should really give us some acknowledgement when things are going well. Perhaps someone in UK sales can email them a little 'Powered by Sun' graphic. Just like the one at eBay.

UPDATE - See Rohan's take here - in response to Rohan: it's quite possible that Fish4 have Linux on the web tier backing onto an E6900.

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  1. Perhaps someone in UK sales can email them a little ‘Powered by Sun’ graphic.

    Or one of these unintended napkins from a
    Sun event in Australia:
    <img src=”” />

  2. old news Mark….. Ashlee must have just received the napkin….(via snail mail) seems to have been mailed from Down Under… takes time u see…….

  3. The napkin in question likely came from the Datacentre and Storage Symposium in Melbourne back in February. HP’s LTO tape division sponsored the refreshments at one of the afternoon breaks.

    Sun is an OEM of some of HP’s LTO drives, and HP is an OEM of some of Sun’s StorageTek libraries.

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