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Identity Management Product Managers

If you are a product manager in the field of identity management, you're probably used to having a job title that sounds like a tongue twister - for example, my good friend Eric Leach is the 'Access Manager Product Manager' (did somebody say "Red Lorry, Yellow Lorry"?). If you have such a tongue twisting title, or you'd like one, take a look at this job req. The upside - you'd get to be part of Sara Gates' merry band. The downside - uh - you'd get to be part of Sara Gates' merry... OK - lame joke, cool job.

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  1. humm, one would hope that, with all the delays in implementing stuff like Basel II a company like Sun would start developing those deals in Europe also, …
    By the way, congratulations on making the “personal federated identity management” spec, Liberty is gainning more and more traction every day 🙂

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