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Tom is three and a half now, and enjoys spelling out words on the fridge with his magnetic letters. This was this morning's effort. Neither Karen or I could figure it out, until Tom told us... See if you can guess what it is before you click here. I know - scary!

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  1. R U serious !!!

    for a 3 1/2 year old !! my daughter just turned 3 and she can’t pronounce her name right yet !! she’s not gotten over her babbling yet, and the way she pronounces her name sounds sooo cute even though it’s way off 😉


  2. It’s amazing what kids have in their heads; like sponges they pick everything up – mostly from their parents – which begs the question where did he pick Euoploc… from – it’s not a word that comes up often !
    – Rich

  3. My soon to be four year old daughter does the same thing with her letters. The interaction goes like this:

    10 "Daddy!  What does this spell?"
    20 "Nothing"
    30 Goto 10

    Maybe I just need to be more creative in my sources for words before I dismiss them, huh?

  4. Pat:

    They say that kids who love dinosaurs have high intelligence! And he even has his own blog – on the fridge!

    Thanks for sharing,


  5. Did you realise that it was an anagram of “useful poos”? Did you leave this message on the fridge and Tom just changed the order?
    Are these the fridge letters that Karen asked for us to sent over? I am glad they are creating so much interest?

  6. heh heh heh. I doubt if I ever got beyond about “TRex”. And if I did, my mum probably thought it was a reminder to buy lard. ;^)

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