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Planet Identity is live!

I took the plunge: I registered, configured Planet and got it working all in under 48 hours. So, go take a look at Planet Identity. There seems to be an issue with entry times - Andre Durand of Ping has a load of old entries at the top, but I'm hoping that will go away as it beds in. Enjoy - and let me know if there are any other blogs you think I should add - I'm sure I've missed a load.
Huge thanks to Steve Lau for contributing hosting space, and Ludo Poitou for giving me his existing Sun internal Planet Identity as a basis. Without them I'd still be googling for hosting and scratching my head over the Planet docs.

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  1. Unfortunately, the RSS feed for Planet Identity is broken due to what seems like a bug in the Planet code. Please bear with me while I investigate – Pat

  2. Quick hack – removed Andre Durand for the time being – there’s an unescaped ‘&’ showing up in the link element of one of his items.

  3. This is a terrific service. I subscribe to Planet RDF, which keeps me current with what’s happening with the RDF community. Now this, Planet Identity.
    Three people I can think of adding:
    Doc Searls ( (or his IT Garage)
    Marc Cantor (
    Julian Bond (
    You might have them, but I couldn’t see from an initial look through.
    Thanks again for this.

  4. Thanks, Shelley – I’ve added all three. I basically just copied the Identity-specific blogs from my blogroll to get the ball rolling… Fantastic pictures on your blog, by the way – especially the ducks.

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