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Yay – Superpatterns is #1!

The power of the blog - and picking a rare word - Google ranks me #1 of 236 occurences of the word 'superpatterns'. Oh, so smug 🙂

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  1. Ha! What about 1 in 4260! However you have raised an interesting point. If I type in my full name I rank about 4th. But normally 1st (today 2nd) is always this couples wedding photo site which does not appear to change and the wedding was in 2002. I wonder why Google ranks it so high?

  2. You must be apppreciated by ex-*dentrus related guys in Japan…..although some of them often update their blogs… but in Japanese…

  3. Hi Takashi – yes, I’ve seen Tatsuo’s blog. Looks interesting, what little I can read! 🙂

  4. Cool! Tatsuo’s put ‘translate to English’ links on his blog – linking from here…

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